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11 Simple Maternity Poses for Photographers

So you have a maternity photo session coming up? Awesome! Pregnant women take some of the most beautiful photos, BUT they can often times feel a little insecure and need to be guided to make sure they look their best in their photos. Do you know how to pose them to make them feel as gorgeous as they look? Keep reading to learn 11 simple maternity poses that will make you and your client happy!

Straight On

Highlight that baby bump and how it looks from the front. Have the mom to be look straight at you, but to really emphasize that belly have her place her hands on top and under the belly. She can even pull back on the clothing a tad to really accentuate that bump!

Full length maternity picture with gown in trees in Phoenix, Arizona

Looking Down

There is something about the connection between mom and her new baby to be that is just so perfect. Have mom stand slightly at an angle to capture the profile of the belly and have her look down at her baby belly.

Maternity photography of 8 month pregnant woman taken near Central Phoenix. Model is wearing a c=beautiful nude gown and twirling hair

Looking Away

From the pose where she is looking down, now just move her slightly and have her look over her shoulder. (this could symbolize looking into the future). Have her curve her back a tad to put emphasis on the baby bump.

Gorgeous matenriy photo of mom to be looking off in the distance in Phoenix

Looking to the Side

From here, have mom to be hold her belly, but now look off the the side and slightly down. This creates yet another look with very minimal direct or reposing.

Matenriy photography taken at the Rio Salado Audobun Cneter in Cnetral Phoneix with mom to be in the salt river


Turn mom to be perpendicular to the camera so you can see her full profile. This is a great pose for showing off those pregnancy curves. Once again, have her arch her back slightly and put her shoulders back. You can have her looking down at baby or straight on at the camera.

Maternity photography at sunset at papago park


Have the new mom sit on a bench or chair. Once again arch the back and have the shoulders back. Extend the legs, but make sure the clothing lays so that the bump of the new baby is showing. Place the hands with behind mom, so she is leaning into them, or on the belly.

Close Up

This shot is always a keeper. Get in close on that beautiful belly to capture the details. This close up shot could be from the side or straight on, but it’s important to remember to get in close.

Easy ways to pose maternity photos

Include the Family

If the new dad to be is there ( or other kids) include them in some shots too! They can put hands on the baby to be, kiss or hug mom’s bump or just get in really close to each other. This is definitely a shot that they will want to show their new brother or sister! (For more specific ideas on family posing you can check out this post here on how to pose families for photographs.)

Maternity photgraphy at Coons Bluff Campground in Phoenix. Mom and son together

Don’t Forget the Pets!

If pets are apart of the family, suggest to include them in the shots too! A lot of times they are just as anxious as the parents to meet the new baby. Plus, the new baby would love seeing his or her dog or cat in these photos in years to come!

Gorgous fmaily maternity shot with dog in Phoenix

Take A Silhouette

This is a perfect maternity capture that will really highlight that baby bump! For more detailed instruction on how to take a beautiful silhouette, visit this post right here.

Maternity Photography at South Mountain in Phoenix Desert photographer in Ahwatukee

Laying Down

This pose, showcases a new perspective and can make for a beautiful composition. Have mom lay down and place here hands on her belly, either right below, or one on top and one underneath. Shoot from the side, overhead or just move around finding interesting and flattering angles.

Phoenix and Ahwatukee Maternity photographer at DC Ranch in Scottsdale

Do you have another great idea for a maternity pose or photograph? I’d love to hear what has worked for you! Leave a comment below and let us know.

Good luck with your maternity session! And if this post helped you, I would be very grateful if you shared it with someone else it might help too. See those colored buttons below? Click on any of them to share on your favorite social media site.


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