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20 Cool Ideas For Photographers To Post On Instagram- Besides Their Own Work!

If you are a photographer and not on Instagram yet, it’s probably time you jumped on board. Instagram is one of the quickest growing social media platforms out there and chances are people are trying to find you there!

As a photographer, it sounds like Instagram should really be our place to be. It’s such a visual format and hey, that?s what we do right? Create visual images! 

But I get it, sometimes you feel a little stuck with this little thing called Instagram. You’re not sure how much you should post, when or what you should be posting- especially if you don’t have any clients?? (Does that sound like you?)

Instagram has become so much more that just a place to post and run. People aren’t just there to look at you’re beautiful photos , but they want to see more and learn more about YOU! Let me try to spark some good ole inspiration for YOU! ??Here’s a list of 20 cool ideas for things you could post on Instagram BESIDES your own photography.

20 fun Instagram ideas for photographers

Your favorite Quotes/Inspiration

A joke or funny saying

A behind the scenes look of you taking pictures

An iphone shot of you in your daily life

A picture of your workspace

Pictures from a photographer who inspires you (make sure to ask permission first!)

Your pets

A shot of what’s in your camera bag

A throwback shot of one of your first photos

What you like to do on the weekends

Cool accessories you’d like to see your clients in

Pull backs of your favorite photo locations

Your favorite food or drink

YOUR own family’s photos

How you hang photos in your home

A shot of some of the gear you use

A classic selfie shot (and introduce yourself!)

You and your significant other together

You working with a client

A testimonial from a past client

And there you have it! 20 ideas to get you thinking about other things that you might want to post on Instagram besides your own photography!

What’s something YOU like to post over on IG?? Let us know below to spark some more ideas!

20 Cool Ideas For Photographers To Post On Instagram- Besides Their Own Work!(Pin it to save for later!)

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