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Phoenix Photographer at the Beach- San Diego Family Photography

San Diego Family Photography

Award winning Phoenix family photographer heads out of the desert to offer a limited number of San Diego Family Photography Beach Sessions!

Yes! You read correctly! I am excited to announce that I will be taking my photography sessions on the road and out of Phoenix to warm and sunny Southern California. After several requests for San Diego Family Photography sessions I decided to check out the waves for myself to see if I would be able to master a different landscape than the usual mountains and desert I am so accustom to. While I do love photographing the desert terrain, I found the beach equally as beautiful and fun to take pictures of.

I used to live in San Diego, so I am familiar with the area and am looking forward to traveling there for sessions throughout the year.  I have put together an all inclusive package for San Diego photo sessions and have limited availability for travel.  If you are interested in getting some shots of your family while on vacation or if you are local to San Diego and looking for a fresh desert photographer to come to you, please email me for Southern California rates and packages.  San Diego Family Photography sessions are limited.

Phoneix Photographer travels to San Diego for family and child photography beach sessions.

If you are native to Phoenix and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, don’t worry! I’m not going anywhere.  I am currently booking through the end of  2015 for Phoenix area family, child and senior portrait sessions.  Email me for availability.


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